This week a few things that I noticed were that  doing exercises with isometric holds and supinated grips helped my clients, both men and women to really improve their postures and muscular contractions.

A supinated grip means the palms are in an open position opening up the shoulders.

The benefit of isometric holds for rear deltoids and glutes is that you can really squeeze and locate the muscles getting great contractions simply by pausing at the last part of the movement and holding, squeezing and activating an engaged body.

I found that visualising is also really important for transformations and shifts. It’s helped me get in my best physique, strength and focus various times.

It’s also helped a client of mine who happens to also be a model. She takes regular pictures every one, two, three or 4 weeks so we can visually track improvements and where to progress.


Many people are visual so it helps a lot more people than we may think.

I personally have used visualisation using Brad Pitts shape in Troy to inspire. I would simply look at his physique or imagine it and just get inspired and train hard and think smart about how to attain this shape as well as put on some inspiring music tracks.

With clients I have had them visualise the shape they would like to get into to help communicate with me their desires and also to get them mentally preparing and rehearsing their ideal shape and size.

Rituals, visual ones can help clients too. Lets say they had gotten into ideal fitness goals and then lost track of them. They can become negative about this.

I then ask them. Do you remember when you were in your best shape?

She in this case. Says yes. What were the key actions you took on a consistent basis to get there?

She responded

1 eat less carbs

2 consistent exercise and including running with weights as well as daily walks

3 daily weigh ins


I then suggested. Pin this up in large on am a4 piece of paper. Remember this and focus on this.