The only thing we want when we are in pain, is to find a way not to feel pain anymore. Rehabilitation from pain is a delicate process that requires attention and care.

The best and essential callisthenics for well being are lunges and pull ups.

This article is about having health energy, shape, healing, and rehabilitation from pain. That way, you will be able to enable a lifestyle of long term health shape and well being.

If you have bad knees or knee pain, doing 30 minutes if cycling 3x a week and foot balances for one minute with your eyes closed will help you a lot.

Once the knees are healthy and stronger, an essential exercise is to add lunges in. Doing lunges with different arm positions will increase your leg strength and improve your posture through mobility.

Pull-ups for the upper body and for healthy shoulders, when done correctly is another essential. Great for strengthening the body, but also great for muscle tone, shape, and healthy structure of the body.

Last but not least, is the handstand, as it’s a push movement and requires balance, coordination, strength, and a great core. Also, being upside down can be great for stimulation of the brain and blood, so it helps you in a multiple ways.

I actually don’t like giving clients or myself too many exercises as I believe it’s better to master fewer exercises than to do many in sloppy form and intensity.

That’s how you build a healthy and steady bridge towards your future with fitness. In order for you to love what you do and become a natural master in it.

If you want to start your journey, away from pain and towards a strong future, contact me for a free consultation, I will be more than willing to help.

Happy Training,