sometimes its nice to get a pump and to go by the performance of the muscles

so what i do on those days is pick the exercises, and then try to get 12 reps with the weight I’m using, if the weight was way to easy for that movement i will take the next weight up and continue, and do an additional 1-12 reps depending on my performance or the other option is if the weight was moderately hard, i keep that weight and literally wait a few seconds

the other option is that the original weight is heavy, i didn’t complete 12 reps, lets say i did 8 reps, i take a few seconds and do another set, if i get less than 8 reps i move on to the next exercise but if i do more than 8 reps i continue until i can do 12 reps and then progress up in weight

this is my way of using, intuitive training, progressive training and training by performance.

the other benefit is I’m constantly moving in that workout time from one exercise to the next so my blood flow, metabolism, and energy levels are raised right up, this is a more advanced technique and its also a great way to stay lean and strong and fit..