Rule 1. Consume proteins, fats and greens. No carbs and lots of water!

Rule 2. Fat burning cycling 30 minutes daily.

Rule 3. Firm muscles by doing 4 sets of 12 reps for upper and lower body parts; pull ups or lat pulldowns, depending on your ability to do whole body workouts.

After pulldowns or pullups, get a box with some lightweights and do steps ups for 12 reps on each leg.

Have very little rest between sets – you are not trying to build mass so get into fat burning and continuous movement.

Do things that require speed, balance, coordination and sometimes just fun but hard effort.

So back to upper body: shadow boxing for 4 rounds of 60 secs or use a punch bag to increase resistance. Take 30 secs rest between each set.

Lunges: don’t forget leg exercises consist of the largest muscle groups so will be the fastest way to fat loss.

Back to upper body again: depending on your ability, either do handstands (handstand press against wall) or a shoulder press above head with weights (or a machine). By changing from upper body to lower body you will get the heart rate going up.

Then over to lower body by doing a kick boxing sequence for 4 rounds on the bag or shadow sparring.

Back to bicep pull ups or bicep curls for 12 reps!

And then finish with push ups or a chest press.

Rule 4. Supplements – a protein shake for after workouts, and fish oil for fat burning and hormonal health. Vitamin C doses of 1 or 2g to boost testosterone and recovery. A good multivitamin for anything you may be missing in your diet; likely it’s something.