Is running good for you?

Yes and no, and heres the problem. Theres so much knowledge out there, the old theory is running reduces body fat, the new theory says there are better ways of burning fat by using supersets and nutrition. Of course then we have a problem of knowing which one works, as there are so many opinions, magazines, articles and ideas out there.

My philosophy is always to take the middle road. Dont stop doing anything but don’t do too much of anything either unless its your absolute passion.

Sp what should you do?

If you dont have any injuries that stop you from running, take a run before your workout, to get blood flowing, to detoxify the body and speed up the metabolism. Pick a route and try to do it faster and faster each day so that you feel progress, you’ll feel ready for the workout and probably get a better workout as both your mind and body will be switched on and ready to rumble.

If you’re looking to slim down, use a long running programme on days that your not doing weights, and try to do a 30 – 60 minute run with your favourite music. Music always seems to give me more purpose and motivation to the run.