Sometimes injuries come as part of our journey and injuries teach us what we are neglecting and where we are unbalanced and where we  have forgotten to address and work in our body. So rehabilitation will always have a place in every individuals training. I’ve had whiplash from a car crash so my issue re-occurs in the neck and trap and it would be ignorant of me to ignore this and even more painful to let it go worse and not mobilise it and strengthen it. So, what I do is maintain handle and progress it to the best of my ability. Constantly learning and refining my skills and making myself be as strong and feel as good as I possibly can. We are all imbalanced somewhere in our bodies that’s the nature of our bodies they need to be consistently rebalanced or realigned.

I like these challenges for myself and my clients and trainers because it makes me get technical  and it takes me to the science of testing and knowing anatomy, learning and getting better and better at coaching. If we are getting injuries doing certain functions, motions or exercises it means we are missing certain strength or mobility from certain body parts and its for us to discover it or an injury will make sure you treat it.

Lets say you start getting into running, intervals or even sprints and you injure your hamstrings (the most common injury), that there is a message that you either didn’t warm your hamstrings up enough to get the blood flowing and allow you to run quickly and safely or that your mobility in your hamstrings are so poor in the run that you get overstretched receiving a micrometer or that your hamstrings are simply to weak for the motion and muscles or the ligaments get strained or torn. If this happened to myself or to a client I would start focusing on putting extra work on those areas. I would test the strength, movement patterns, and pain in the hamstrings to work out a way to heal and rebalance them, using dynamic stretches, resistance exercises and functional actions of the hamstring.

Pain is a signal and a great teacher. Listen to your body, test it, know it and find out what works for you. Too many clients and trainers show that they are simply insensitive or not in tune to their bodies, we are all guilty of this at some stage, once this happened to me with a hex trap bar where I tried a one max rep without a proper warm up and hurt my hip and boy did I learn my lesson never to do that again and was so grateful it didn’t turn into something serious. I was lucky and it was egotistical of me. The body teaches you self-mastery, self-control and emotional control. Really sometimes injury and pain is simply a teacher, so keep learning how to use that wonderful body and master how your one functions so you can make the most of it.

Healthy regards