I’m a freak when it comes to technique. When I used to compete in karate technique was what saved my life. I’ve fought prize fighters, people way taller than me and way more built than me and people way heavier, leaner lighter and longer than me.


What’s always saved me from injuries and given me fitness and power is my technique and it’s always made me strong at football at any competition from football to Olympic lifting and sprinting and swimming and running and combat has always been technique and strategy.


Today I was doing close grip bench presses and I’ve been using a mastery or more commonly know volume training strategy and with long rests between each set. What that helps me to do is to actually figure out my actual strength and the movements and different strengths and weaknesses of each side of my body.

I did set after set of this mover really burning at my triceps muscles and it was awesome feeling my shoulders blades, muscles, arms, shoulders, triceps, upper back and whole body just feeling great from proper technique and intense training.