I’ve been working with many clients who get shoulder pain due to long hours working by the computer and also checking up on their mobile phones a lot, the first few things i noticed about these unnatural and long habits that get put into office hours is that it tightens up the lower back and hamstrings as well as the upper back so for years my focus was on the strength and flexibility of the lower back and the upper back to improve posture.

now these techniques definitely work as a strong spine is a strong mind and body… however this year I’ve noticed that the mobility and strength of the foot and the neck and the shoulders is crucial for this type of client… so if you suffer shoulder pain its in your interest to invest in time stretching out the neck muscles specifically in different ranges as well as doing the same for the shoulders… as well as doing one foot and one leg balance exercises as this will address your whole body posture from the foot up as this is our first point of contact to the ground on a daily basis, the foot that is…

so recap if you have lower back pain and hunched shoulders, you would have a workout that would look like this 3 x a week and then add a couple of cardio and stretching days.

prone rows
back extensions
straight arm lateral raises
external rotations with a band or on the floor
shoulder mobility movements
one foot balances
step ups
neck movements and stretches

if your lost reading the above and would like to improve or alleviate lower back pain, shoulder pain, improve your posture or combat hunched shoulders come and visit me and my team in london, sw1, westminster for some awesome personal training and coaching… see you soon, best regards. Adam