So I had a few ideas here from my sessions and my workouts today.

One lady in the 40s plus category has long hour in her law firm and flying we go for way to address her foot movements to get her foot and knee pushing in one line from the bike and then from there to using a stepper so that she can lift her foot arch press her heel down and push her big toe into the floor and the keeping her hands away from any holds so that she can engage her core. And after about ten minutes of doing this. Her shoulders actually pull back and then she will have really good posture.

Another thing recently I had her doing is skipping to get her moving her feet in different directions and this will help with posture too.

For my male client in his 40s I also have him doing shoulder dumbbell presses with and then finding the right weight for doing 10 reps and then the same process for incline dumbbell presses and then mid hammer grip pull ups with assistance.

For myself when I’m in a rush I do some frog kicks situps and pullups.

For my online video client we do 20 minutes of skipping for healthy feet, posture, shoulders, wrists, calves and fitness. We do fist push ups so he has stronger wrists, pullups, squat holds and also back extensions. This way he keeps fit toned and muscular.