skipping is fantastic for fitness… its great for fat burning, for shapely legs, for stimulating the lymph and bowels and in turn cleansing, eliminating and fat burning..

mentally its fantastic for the brain and the body as it takes a lot of coordination and will continue challenging your coordination. you can change skipping techniques to continually challenge your brain and body and it takes a lot of rhythm which gets you sweating and strong while getting that zen like flow…

the other thing it teaches fighters is to stay light on their feet.. and yet be relaxed and ready rather than tense and rigid… and predictable..

i always think skipping and cardio is a great way to keep you fit and healthy and not too rigid or fixed as weight lifting tends to be in very fixed positions while in skipping you can move your feet a lot which allows healthier calves.. so for long term health and fitness definitely put skipping into your regime..

in terms of mood, its a great physiological changer of mood as it gets you bounding on your feet and lifting your sternum up so it will literally help you feel more positive in as little as 10 minutes and your posture will elevate too

happy skipping and see you soon.