This will be a bunch of how to’s from today’s sessions and workouts and my life coaching today.

How to do a core workout with cardio and intervals and still have an aligned posture or straight back as some may suggest.

Start off on the bike with a high resistance of 10 to 12, then go into situps but aim for the ceiling eg go upwards. Then do hanging kneed raises to improve grip strength, longevity and core. Next do back extensions. Each exercise is 30 reps and you do 3 sets of each.

The back extension gets you to lengthen and strengthen your spine, engaging glutes, hamstrings, your lower back and arms which raise up by your side and slightly away from the ribcage.

After you’ve done this to hill walk and then  hill jog and then hill run. Once that becomes brutal and you need recovery do a walk to run comfortably and then find your comfortable top stride pace.  With me this means go at the fastest speed your able to go at the maximum extent to which your hip or stride length is maximal and at its optimum.

And repeat for 3 sets as the sprints engage the core, glutes, spine, joints, ligaments and posture.


The next how to is. How to do a park workout outdoors.

I’ve trained in Sydney and in London and know that parks at both of these places plus one park or garden I know of in Hong Kong where he trains with me via video.


With these parks a 20 minute skip with 3 sets of pull ups and Squat holds to help with not damaging your shoulders too much plus a push ups from your fists which help to strengthen your wrists. Also a what I call reverse plank which can be done from paralleled bars.

Basically lie across them and raise your glutes and and lower back and chest bone so that you are supported from your glutes, hamstrings, mid and upper back muscles.

How to have better shoulders.

This is a slightly odd approach and one I worked out from John DeMartini a genius guy as well as a chiropractor. He said to me once that posture comes from the feet.

So good posture comes from good foot and or feet movement. So from that idea I thought of a workout where the focus is the feet.

Do 3 minutes of cycling. Do 3 to 5 minutes of hill and or walking, jogging and running.

do balancing on one leg for 60 seconds on each side with your eyes closed to activate your feet and get their placement right.

Do skipping where you alternate your feet or use one foot but you will go forwards, backwards, sideways and in rotation to get your feet moving and active in as many directions as possible.9


For fitness and core I did 3 rounds of 30 reps of hanging leg raises with back extensions and 5 mins as fast as you can for round 1 at a high resistance go from 10 all the way up to 16 if you can and then go for the 2nd round of hanging leg raises and and back extensions. And again back on the bike at a higher resistance than before for 5 minutes as rapidly as you can.

On the third round again do the hanging leg raises as well as back extensions but this time for cardio do a hill walk for 60 seconds, for the next 60 seconds put the speed up for a jog and for the last minute put the speed up for a run uphill.

From my life coaching session some really interesting things I feel people can learn are a three way system to become mentally solid. This is what I came up with.

Meditate doing deep breathing with eyes shut and a straight back. This allows you to allow your thoughts and feelings to flow by. This helps with self love.

Next do appreciation and gratitude so say out loud when alone things that you are appreciative for and also grateful for. So what is good and happening present tense and what has happened that’s good. The third part is to sit and allow your body and mind to relax

. Simply imagine this and give yourself permission to know when this is. After this say some positive things you’d like to happen and visualise them happening and feel the feeling you have from them happening.