Spinal and knee rehab exercises are of vital importance since they are specified in injuries of extreme sports or after surgery.

We have already covered the topic of rehab when it comes to knee injuries. Now it’s time to discuss if you are an individual that’s done extreme sports and had surgery on the spine and knee.

How to train and differences in training

First of all, every individual is different in limb length, psychological ability to understand pain and injury, and sports or training background.

But here are some generic ideas. I engage the core in a way that gets you more flexible and stronger without hurting the spine. So there will be an element of testing, knowing your body and how many sets and reps you can do without hurting yourself.

This is why I don’t believe in programmes. As this can change daily, I do believe in progressions.

Pilates, sit-ups, back extensions and bridge holds are very effective to engage the glutes, to get full range, and engage the core and spine without hurting the knees rule.

Most people do these exercises far too quickly. There is no need to rush, do them slowly, add pauses. Pause to contract the desired muscle focused on and pause until you actually feel it and.

Feel it as in muscular tension to the point where that muscle can actually and will sometimes cramp.

Another glute exercise is to use the abductors’ machine in a postural pose as I’ve demonstrated with a client on my Instagram.

With the arms up and back, notice again that glutes are essential to helping the hips and bend the core and above, hence the focus on glutes.

Another great exercise is the bent-over row with dumbbells in a neutral grip, done properly.

When done properly, glutes and core, hamstrings and feet, are engaged to hold the position correctly for the upper body which moves all of the posterior chains in order to work.

That means the lower back, mid-back, upper back, and the back of the shoulders all work to improve the musculature and posture of the body.

With a straight leg stick the bottom as far back as you possibly can, with your legs straight hold it until you feel the hamstrings and lower back engaged.

Next, keeping that engagement, bend the knees slightly allowing your bottom and torso to go further back and parallel to the floor while the torso is fully engaged and upright.

This is a crucial exercise that needs extra care to be done correctly. Unless you are 100% sure of how to do it right, I’d suggest making sure first before you try it.

If you having doubts since knee and spinal rehab exercises is a serious matter, contact me for a free consultation and I will help you with anything you may need.

Happy Training,