Split squats are an incredible exercise. If you want to engage your glutes, get a deep stretch in the quads, and form strong functional muscles then do the split squat.

Split squats also improve feet health, which in turn creates health not only in the body as a whole but in the mind and brain. This is due to the stimulation of the nervous system from having to balance on one foot flat and one-foot balancing from the toes pointing and gripping down into the floor.

Step 1. Place your feet in a long stance with the feet about hip distance apart, with the front foot flat and the back foot pointed.

Step 2. Line the back knee up directly in line and underneath the hip, then engage the core so you drop downwards in a straight line.

Step 3. Move literally up and down vertically with absolutely no movement of the torso going forward AT ALL.

Step 4. To add the arms in have the arms in a T-shape widely held up – this will also improve posture.

Do 4 sets of 12 reps as slowly as you can on each side (8 sets all together) and you will look and feel great!