You might suffer poor image and feelings by having hunches in your shoulders and feel weak.

Maybe you want to see yourself with a straight back and have that strong look


You could even be in your teens and 20s and feel young yet weak. I’ve been using a system to help my clients with their spinal health and self image.

A strong back gives you a higher sense of physical confidence and presence. A lot of the time the system isn’t specifically anything bee but 1% improvements in your movements and performance.

For example my first exercise is on a stationary bike with high resistance. Now anyone and everyone can do this right? Well they could but most people don’t. Most people cycle with toes pointing downwards I actually want you to pull the bike strap upwards with the leg which is going upwards and the heel pushing down towards the ground is also lifting up as if the movement would be like a stamping and marching on the ground.


What this does is it gets your glutes engaged which betters your glute muscles and gets your spine moving laterally.

The next thing is a single leg deadlift which gets you to activate your foot, the supporting one to become an anchor in the ground while the other leg straightens and gets parallel to the ground making your spine straighten and strengthen while getting a more firm bottom.. the legs may cramp when your first doing these properly so 3 sets of 20 reps each side is 6 sets and so after that the legs are ready to do some movement.

So the next drill is a walk where you walk from heel and toe to jogging raising the knee upwards and a run where the heel from the front leg strikes as the toe from the back pushes down into.the ground and then into a sprint. This is all done in 4 mins maximum.


The next exercise is a leg curls with the toes pointing towards each other making the legs close together working the hamstrings harder. What this does is it allows you to lengthen your hamstrings and your ligaments and joints at the same time as strengthening them which will then put your lower back into a better postural position which is great.


This workout is a workout to help you improve your posture from the lower body emphasis which focuses from the foot up- soon I’ll send you information on how to get your posture better from the neck down which will look at a lot more upper body movements and workouts.