Change your thinking and change your focus to get to where you want to go to.

More and more science shows success to come from imagining and rehearsing success on a regular basis.

Use emotional awareness to motivate yourself towards pleasure and away from pain. You can elevate your thoughts of yourself from a place of love. You could do this simply with imagining them.


The pleasure of seeing yourself fit into your best bodyshape ever is a form of self love. Start there. Start working on the way you encourage yourself through healthy self talk that is supportive towards you reaching where you want to go.




What do you feel when you see in your minds eye in this new best body version of yourself? What emotions come up?


Use pain to get away from seeing what you dont want to see or feel about yourself which just isnt and the standard you truly desire. What would you feel or be afraid of if your health or shape got worse? What emotions would you feel if you continued in this direction?

Can you use this new awareness to move into a new and more positive, healthy path?


Use visual  awareness. Photos and the mirror, to notice the type of shape and morphology you have.

Morphology talks of three body types. Stocky, slim and athletic. It’s great to know your type to so you can work your strengths and weaknesses for your best shape.

With each type there are strengths and weaknesses of the muscles, joints, growth, size and parts which are more inclined to be injured over others.

So. As well as focusing on vision of what to do depending on strengths and weaknesses. There must be a focus on strategy by knowing what could be an obvious structural injury. The right strategy is the one that warms you up and strengthens your weaknesses. An example would be to work weaker parts two times a week in your workout programme.

For metabolism, shape and muscle growth take advantage of your strengths.