training people to get strong and fast for sports is a lot of fun

i was training with a competitive hockey player and a keen lifter and we put together olympic lifts and strength lifts with sprint drills to spark up those fast twitch fibres

personally strength training fascinates me as it focuses very much on what i deem to be the most important muscles of the body, the butt and the back

strength training evolves around 2 massive lifts for the butt and the back, the deadlift and the back squat

olympic lifts evolve around 2 explosive and massive lifts the snatch and the clean, both exercises work everything from the feet to the fingers in an overhead position and require, strength, power, speed, coordination and flexibility so all in all a very impressive exercise

personnally from a postural and confidence perspective, getting a strong back and having a strong functional body, these exercises are simply the best.

in fact try doing these 4 moves as a workout

hex bar deadlift
back squat

you’ll get great benefits if you get the technique, if you don’t come over to london, westminster, sw1 and visit.

happy training