Our everyday responsibilities can cause major stress. High pressure work and deadlines can stress people and their bodies out. Strength training for stress is a salvation method for stress release.

As mentioned, people experience more and more stress nowadays and they are trying to find ways to relax and improve their mental health.

Meditation, strength training for stress, running, writing, or anything that makes us feel relaxed and creative, can help greatly with our stress.

There are a few factors that affect our quality of life and health: 

1. Not getting enough vitamin D from sunlight or nature

2. Over-thinking to the point of madness

3. Travelling far too frequently especially by plane

4. Being so busy all the time that when there is time out, we don’t take it or use it effectively

5. Being stuck in a bad posture for too long

Solutions for a better quality of life and health:

  • Take vitamin D and walk in nature in any of London’s numerous parks.
  • Meditate, whether it’s guided meditation like HeadSpace, an app with a meditation coach on your own. Do it daily, it will defeat fatigue, cortisol, high blood pressure, overthinking, anxiety, phobias, and help you to get back to your flow state.
  • Delegate to people as much as possible so you can fly less. Give responsibility and create a strong, trustworthy, and reliable team.
  • Delegate and meditate. Play around with friends, watch a comedy, have a laugh, do something fun. Bond with family is a powerful plus that helps in many aspects of your life.
  • Here’s where strength training comes in. When the body is stressed and nervous, adrenaline is too high, blood pressure is all over the place.


When the body is already fatigued, cardio can really make things worse.

Strength training. Doing slow reps with perfect form, lots of pauses, deceleration pauses, and holds using a hex bar deadlift with reps hard enough to work you with maximum intensity for 1 -4reps.

It will help you to breathe better diaphragmatically, it will help you feel better and stronger.

It will physiologically and mentally improve your state. From there, you can add other exercises that don’t affect you in an adverse way.

We can find together which is the best form of exercise for you to release your stress and feel better and better each day. Contact me for a free consultation and your stress-free journey will begin immediately!