Stress is real and is the cause of many illnesses and upsets and also extends to us putting on weight and fat due to overeating or comfort eating as we call it.

Stress causes a release of the chemical hormone cortisol which is a fight or flight part of the  body meaning for most of human life stress was triggered because as individuals and groups we had to fight to live or to hunt or to run to escape and live. Today we get stress from mental situations or anxieties and so this isn’t ideal for the body because the body releases chemicals and expects us to be active and not on the phone or computer or telly eating biscuits. And this is the issue in the world.

Now is all exercise good for stress?

I would say no. If it doesn’t get you to slow down your thoughts and stay in control. In fact, rushed exercise can cause more anxiety and exhaustion and exacerbate the issue. The solution. Exercise that requires deep concentration in the technique. The reason being you will be more in your body and more out of your head and so will slow down the mental thoughts and deepen the breathing and wake up the body shaking anxieties away.

This is why I believe focused exercises which require precise technique and focus, and balance are good for our minds rather than rushed frenzied workouts.

I have trained people with MS and chronic fatigue and realise it’s not about doing 100 push ups horribly. Blowing a whistle. Screaming and getting them to sweat. It is about stimulating the nervous system. Strengthening it. Stretching the body and Deepening the breath and even sometimes doing closed eyed balance and breath drills and funny enough strength work with low reps can be surprisingly useful.

That’s one factor of dealing with stress that I coach. There are others. The 2nd is nutrition. When I have high flying clients going through excruciatingly challenging situations whether personally or professionally a massive help to them is communicating and coaching and limiting them from having toxins that will cause more stress. The obvious ones are drugs, sugar, and alcohol and these three will enhance stress even though temporarily or at the time individuals think this is the only way to comfort themselves or escape. Sometimes they need or you need someone simply to talk to you and slow you down from the decision of eating, drinking, or taking something naughty that of only you wait it out. Comfort yourself or talk o through you will be OK and way better than if you did have the comfort food or fix. They will aggravate you and worsen things. So, discipline and logging food and being accountable to someone will handle stress and help you overcome it from this angle.

Sleep and relaxation are also crucial to recharging and handling stress so working out how to sleep more effectively and relax more is an important accountability step to make together too.

There is also deep breathing and meditation and I am not saying this theoretically I am actually saying this personally and professionally that I have helped countless people best their burdens and challenges by adopting these lifestyle habits even if it is for as little as 5 minutes in the morning and or evening daily. Yes daily…because these are lifestyle changes and not temporary fixes.

Journaling and even socialising when done well can also help with stress as they allow you to connect either to yourself or to others. Now no one person is the same which is why if you are interested in handling your stress because its unbearable or you are simply putting on weight. Please do come to me for coaching because there are techniques and exercises and lifestyle habits and daily implementations that will get you the results you want either in mental health or physical vibrancy or both that will allow you to prosper and look and feel fantastic. Feel free to reach out to me and email me for one on one coaching to your best self and your best health.

Thanks for reading,