stretching the spine for lower back pain is really important.

whether you are sedentary or active its crucial unless you want to have serious back pain issues or just live with a weak back.

there are a few stretches that work, one is a glute bridge with your hands facing upwards,
another is having your arms out and twisting your leg to the other hand,
and another is taking the leg and turning it outwards onto your hand.

a lot of back issues stem from the glutes and the hips, so anything that stretches the glutes, groin and hip flexor will help the spine, and then it doesn’t hurt to do a hamstring stretch where you simply touch your toes as that allows you to stretch your calves and hamstrings which will alleviate stress from the lower back as well.

other things you could do is loosen up your it bands by rolling on it using a roller, and rolling on the glutes, after doing that do some mild 60 second runs and then increase the running speed to get blood flow into the general body.

so heres a spine station

hip bridges
rotation leg inside
rotation leg outside
hip flexor stretch
glute stretch
it band rolling
walk to fast run, 60-90 second rounds
seated row 15 reps

repeat this sequence 4-6 times and you’ll get a sweat stretching and loosening your spine up and you should feel great afterwards. let me know how it works or alternative come over here in westminster for personal training.