what is it that we actually need for both men and women?

personally i think two massive forces are power and beauty, we don’t all have power and beauty but we can definitely improve both factors with health and with strength

how do you build true health and strength?

well for health, you need a system of flexibility, mobility, explosiveness, energy and hormone optimisation

for strength, a combination of power, strength, hypertrophy and also flexibility so as Steve Jobs would say look at your present and join all the dots backwards to simplify, master and make sense of things

what I’m getting at is, what are universal truths of health and strength?

well first of all nutrition, adequate rest and relaxation techniques from eating for the results, energy and shape that you want, as well as goals… to sleeping in line with your needs for the energy and enthusiasm everyone desires, to meditation and power naps, great people like Thomas Edison was a great advocate of power naps and self hypnosis, almost in between mediation and napping and meditation of course is highly effective to hormones, blood pressure and general health of body and mind

then theres exercise and heres where it get a little more interesting because this is complex to prescribe and to be honest the way i look at it exercise should be prescribed my exercise professionals or experts,

personally i would like a daily routine similar to an olympic lifting format with a few lifestyle tweaks, but this is not a personal programme its just a concept to look at, and don’t forget everyones diets, exercises and abilities are different

1 snatch
2 clean and jerk
3 back squats
4 deadlifts
5 bench press
6 bent over row
7 military press
8 stiff legged deadlifts
9 pull ups
10 push ups
11 skipping
12 hill sprints
13 side planks
14 leg raises
15 hyperextensions

now a few things to consider, perhaps some of these exercises do not suit your body or your ability, or lifestyle, don’t do them, leave them out, or come and see me or one of my olympic lifting coaches
2 you don’t know how to do these exercise properly, well then master one exercise no matter how long it takes and then move on to another one and add it
3 your goals are outside of the realm of just health and strength, e.g. vanity, bodybuilding, fitness modelling or simply building muscle is your preference, then i would make the above a general 3 x a week programme and then work on what you wanted to build in skill set or muscle another 3 x a week