Early this year I got to work with the great people over at BT lifestyle to produce a summer workout series which is now available online!

Click the links to watch the videos below…

1. Bye Bye Bingo Wings! – WATCH NOW

Sculpt and tone your way to summer-ready arms with our speedy workout. Individually, these biceps and triceps toners will amp up your regular workout. Done in a sequence a couple times a week, and you can say goodbye to those bingo wings.


2. Lunge Your Way To Great Legs WATCH NOW

Perfect your pins with this easy-to-do leg workout and get ready to strut your stuff. Individually, these leg exercises will amp up your regular workout. Do them together in a sequence just a couple of times a week, and say hello to shapely legs.


3. The Best Bum-Toning Workout  WATCH NOW

For a derriere to die for try these simple bum-blasting exercises, time to tone up! Individually, these bum exercises will add va-va-voom to your regular workout, but do them together and in just a couple of times a week you’ll have behind to make Beyoncé jealous.








Let me know what you think and what workouts you would like to see more of in the future!

Stay Healthy,

Adam White

London Personal Trainer