so today was chest day, I’ve started training more of the vanity muscles because strength, health and posture has been my focus for probably the last two years

recently I’ve wanted to increase weight, size and get ripped,

I’ve been doing a lot of bench press with a lot of push ups, barbell bench press with push ups, and dumbbell bench press with weighted push ups and dips with close grip push ups and the result is

ripped and pumped arms and chest

I’m doing less arm work and they are still getting bigger

the point I’m making is supersets on the same muscle really works, try it out

barbell bench press 12/ 10 / 8 / 6 / 6
supersetted with push ups 15 / 15 /15 15 / 15

dumbbell alternating bench press with 8 / 8 /8 /8
wide grip push ups 15 / 15 /15 / 15

cable flyes 10/10/10/10
weighted push ups 12/12/12/12

dips 10/10/10
close grip push ups 10/10/10

it works

make sure you do an awesome back and also leg workout on separate days to balance your body out