A lot of guys that want to bulk up but are rather lean should definitely go into doing supersets using the same body part and going for 2 supersets comprising of 4 exercises for each body part  it’s a bit of work but guys love to build their chests.

so heres an idea I came up with for a client today, first do as many sets and reps to see which weight will make your burn at 12 reps but which you can easily manage this at, once you’ve found that weight do that for another exercise.

So, today my client did supersets with the incline dumbbell bench press and the pec deck, before I go on to the next superset sequence, what I do is give them a heavier weight for both exercises so that they can build strength also. So lets say they incline pressed 20 kg dumbbells, I will give them the next weight up to play with so that that muscle group gets ready to grow bigger and stronger for the next workout.

I also had him doing flat dumbbell bench press with dumbbell flyes, also for sets of 12 reps and to finish the sequence off and not damage the shoulders I balance the workout out with prone dumbbell rows and seated rows to make sure the clients don’t get aggravated shoulders and do get improved posture.