Got a sore throat? Feeling blocked up? Adam shares two winter supplements that can have you feeling great as the colder weather sets in.

I don’t talk about supplements too much but I believe they are highly important in supplementing your diet and workout regime no matter what your goals are.

I’m going to simply say yes eating healthy is absolutely essential to being strong and smart but no not all nutrients for ultimate performance will be always available in just the foods we eat.

Some of you may not be into supplements so I’m going to simply mention my favourites that I recommend to friends, family and clients.

1 – Fish oil it’s incredible for energy the heart and brain functioning healthily and for hormones. To me this is a no brainier.

2 – Magnesium helps reduce stress it helps with muscle cramps and it helps put your sleep cycle back into a healthy rhythm so massively important for recovery.

3 – Vitamin c reduces cortisol and stress increases testosterone and boosts your immune system. This is probably the most underrated supplement as its so commonly seen but massively important and an absolute essential

Let me know how they work for you!