Tennis elbow aggravates a lot of people, not just from tennis but from many lifestyle and repetitive movements, as well as poor posture.

Luckily for me and my clients I recently worked out the remedy.

You basically need to isolate the biceps and the triceps. This can be done by doing dumbbell curls with tricep extensions to warm up the joints and ligaments. Then you should strengthen the back by doing pull ups and hex bar deadlifts as well.

A lot of people confuse warming up the body with warming up specific joints and ligaments by getting the blood and fluids to move into that area so that the body now moves more fluidly and healthily.

If anyone has tennis elbow and doesn’t know how to treat it, please come and see me as I can definitely fix it.

This isn’t to say the above is the solution for everyone as I truly believe everyone’s body is individual when it comes down to what works for it or doesn’t. However, you could definitely try this with light to medium weights and see how it feels after.