I’m seeing to many gyms with too many niches, e.g. get abs is 6-8 weeks, get super muscular

i dont see an average Joe type of gym where people want to be healthy, not too muscular and not too skinny… it seems to me that most gyms and personal training studios are way too extreme, what happened to being friendly, enjoying your workout and feeling good, and what happened to the client having a lot of rapport with his, her trainer changing the goals to appopriately match the lifestyle of the person in hand…

i dont necessarily consider a woman with 6 percent body fat to be healthy, it might look good to some however its not good for the female body for a prolonged period of time

the other thing i consider is that not enough people are going to gyms or personal trainers and thats because theres a mismatch, i mean if i were overweight i would be petrified when i think of the biggest loser, its all about torture, the technique is questionable and it just looks like abuse from egotistical trainers.. what i want to see is people going ongoingly healthier year by year with a trainer and sometimes without a trainer and when they go off track they come back or they keep maintaining on an ongoing basis..


eating habits are gradually changed and changed at such an extremity that they go back to having eating problems, tweaking and progress thats the key