Lunges are an absolutely essential exercise to improve posture improve sports performance lifestyle performance and shape and muscle tone. It will increase your balance and coordination as it is a single limb exercise

There are so many variations of lunges and not all lunges fit all people
For example some people with knee injuries cant do lunges as they are too painful or damaging to the knee. Funny enough if you don’t have knee injuries they are very good for reinforcing your knee health

It’s great for balance because your foot and feet positions vary each time you do a rep for example one foot is to be flat so your pressing from the glutes while the other foot is pointed into the toes and stabilised by the calf so also imagine the spine now it is rotated differently from one side to another that way it is very good in getting you to balance both sides of your body in size strength and coordination


1) Lunges that go forward

2) Lunges that go backwards

3) Lunges that go laterally

4) Lunges on the spot

5) Curtsy lunge

Recommendations :

Beginners : I recommend that when you first do lunges they are done on the spot doing them up and down.As you advance doing moving ones forwards and backwards

For those with knee injuries : You may only be able to do lateral lunges which are stepping out wide and sideways.

Activate and loosen the glutes : The curtsy lunge is also available

You can do 3 – 5 sets 20 to 30 reps on each exercise