In this video, Adam shares a few reasons why you should be doing single limb exercises in order to develop a more hollistic strength base.

Single limb exercises are great to align misalignments. Let’s say you’re a lot weaker on one side of your body eg left leg and glute in comparison to right leg. Think for a second how that will affect all of your compound lifts, your sports performance and in your lifestyle the amount of injuries you may get in the future or in the long term.

Single leg squats are great for addressing knee pain, heel activation, and glute activation.

Another great single limb exercise that’s awesome is the single leg deadlifts which are great for engaging glutes, hamstrings, core and lifting the sternum eg keeping the chest lifted, which also great for aligning the hips.

Lifestyle wise single limb exercises are great for balance, preventing you from tripping up and having confidence.

A great example for single limb exercises for the upper body are alternating single military dumbbell presses, which allow people with restricted motion of the shoulders to mobilise better and it puts less strain on the neck.

Quite an advanced pull motion I’m working on at he moment is the single arm pull up and you can really tell the deviation in your grip strength in each arm.