I have recently returned back to gym life after going to a four day Tony Robbins experience called unleash the power within and its absolutely awesome. Since then I have tweaked a few changes in my philosophy and what I believe is important. After seeing him at his seminar I realised Tony Robbins has incredible energy and his focus is on energy and health. After seeing this amazing amount of energy available to us (people), I have thought strongly about some of his views focused on the acid and alkaline ph balance and how important that is to our lives, our energy, our health and simply looking after and caring for our bodies.

Just to give you awareness alkaline foods cleanse our bodies, burn fat and increase our energy levels so look at increasing foods that are fats or vegetables and green. So for me avocado is a top list food as its tasty easy to eat and also quick to eat.
so one breakfast I pick is:

and a green drink

There you have proteins, you have fats and you have micronutrients and foods that will cleanse your body.

Another breakfast I would have which is for the more moderate who are not yet sold on my first breakfast and this is for people who are used to sweet and sugary cereals which i would not advice for breakfast:

solgar chocolate whey
mixed berries

This is a testy and healthy alternative to cereal and you will have way higher energy levels and feel fantastic after having this and my third option is if you are in a super rush:

Ultimate Performance’s – choconutrients product.

It has a chocolate taste, it’s full antioxidants and is great for the digestive system and has probiotics and is yummy!

Alternatively grab a banana, a perfect food that quick and easy energy on the go.

There you are three breakfasts that are not highly acidic, which all have alkaline in them to help cleanse your body, shed fat from the gut and improve you energy and health levels of wellbeing.