Sometimes it’s hard to be a personal trainer keeping clients motivated.

What have you done recently to keep your clients motivated?

When was the last time you took a look at your clients goals? However it might be time to check in with their short and long term goals. Are they on track to meet these goals? Are they struggling to over come any obstacles?

Firstly for clients involved in aesthetics like dropping body fat, increasing booty gains or weight loss. Have they added goals around performance and strength?

When trying to lose bodyfat it can be frustrating for clients when they don’t see any progress. Progress comes in waves so for fat loss clients motivate them with strength and performance gains.

Here are some ways to distract your clients and keep them motivated and happy because they are progressing constantly.

1. Performance related goals.

So like progressions on difficult exercise like squats and pull ups. Challenge the clients to a harder variation, more weight or using single limbs. Get them to take a video of them performing it and tracking it in their journals or sending it on WhatsApp. You can give them feedback and directions on their video performances and get them to send it to you.

2. Food Challenge.

Challenge your clients to do food tracking in a journal or in My Fitness Pal for the duration of the 3 month transformation. Also you could challenge them to create a tasty and clean new recipe.

3. Build a support system for them.

Get them to challenge a friend or training buddy to join them for a workout challenge from your programme, the best teacher is teaching. Make these challenges more specific to your client. The more specific you are, the more they will feel care.