Getting a little bored of your usual workout routine? Here’s my film hero themed workout inspired by some of my favourites including Rocky, Bruce Lee and Jean-Claude Van Damme. These moves are the true hallmarks of a physique built for those who want to bullet proof their body and kick ass when the time calls!

1. Plyometric Box Jumps (10 reps x 4 Sets)

Plyometric jump training continued over a longer period of time can increase peak bone density and improve explosive performance.


2.  Sprints (60 sec x 4 Sets)

Sprinting improves brain function, cardiovascular health, fat-burning capacity and muscle fitness and endurance.


3. Snatch (6 reps x 4 Sets)

The Snatch and Clean & Jerks’s explosive nature is what produces their unrivalled benefits. With the Olympic lifts, the propelling of weight and the demand for full range motion preserves the joints and strengthens the ligaments. These skill-intensive and should not be attempted without the supervision of a skilled instructor.


4. Clean & Jerk  (6 reps x 4 Sets)

(See above)


5. Round House Kicks  (10 reps x 4 Sets – Left & Right Side)

This explosive, multidimensional exercise target your inner and outer thighs, quads, and hamstrings in one dynamic shot.


6. Cross Punch (10 reps x 4 Sets – Left & Right Side)

Other than being a great stress reliever, cross punches are a fun way to stay fit and tone the arms, shoulders and entire upper body.


Some of these moves are extremely specialised so always consult a professional as these exercises can lead to injuries if they are not performed correctly.

Stay Healthy,

Adam White

London Personal Trainer