Covid had us shutting gyms down and limiting numbers. There were months where we didn’t have any use of the gym.

At first, it was quite a shock. For obvious reasons, such as, change.  Facts, like we couldn’t use the equipment we usually did for our workouts and for our clients.


I remember talking to my uncle. He said his trainer was training him via one on one video calls.  I started training clients at St James Park, Green Park, Hyde Park and Victoria Gardens. We would be out in the snow, the sun, the rain, the day or the night.

For me, this was revolutionary because I had to use props either in Park environments or in people’s homes or gardens whilst doing one 2 one online video calls.  What amazed me is that I was even able to develop better results than ever before.  Why? I had to develop posterior chain exercises by thinking about the anatomy and how to work those areas without machines.

On video calls, I had to describe visual techniques to more verbal and visual detail. I had to describe the engagement and physical feeling of exercises more descriptively. This helped me develop even greater understanding of the body and its affects. What did I really discover from all of this? It’s that, its our muscles that create resistance that give us results, not the weights. It’s the contraction of our muscles, with weights, or without weights that produces results.

Now, I trained my clients in the countryside of the UK, the US, Hong Kong, Canada, and London. It was fantastic. More importantly, we did our sessions at the convenience of each others schedules. No time was required to go to the gym. No travel time. At the convenience of my clients homes where they could simply continue work. Working more productively as our exercises boosted their energy levels and moods. Exercise does that. I got to improve people’s postures and wake them up to a much better day.

I used Zoom, WhatsApp video calls, Facebook videos and even Instagram videos. People could go to their favourite parks or gyms and I was there with them.

We were all motivated. I mean think about it. What could be more motivating than a pandemic? The pandemic has been a massive wake up call to our health and our lives. Now there is no better time or obvious shout out to say to yourself. “Now is my time, to be as fit and healthy and I shape than ever before.”

We had to train with lighter weights and higher reps and to be truthful my clients looked more athletic than ever before. From Park runs, to core using high reps, calisthenics, jump ropes, balancing bodyweight, animal movements sprints, lighter dumbells. One of my clients bought a squat and bench press rack. He had a fully equipped gym!


I feel another thing to note. Is that I had to really connect with clients. We had all gone through emotional and challenging times..our lives have been completely changed. Care and connection was primary. We had to seriously work on our communications to make everything work and succeed. So as a result this experience has made me a better trainer and given me great connections and results with people world wide.


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Thanks for reading. Keep healthy.