Fitness is important, work is important and life is important. The thing that we don’t always focus on is rest. Rest whether it is sleeping more hours to feel recovered, rest from napping if need be, and rest away from work if you area  gym or work fanatic. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves about what’s important outside of the gym or work. A large part of life is about relationships whether that family or friends.

Maybe if you are a workaholic or a gymholic scheduling your life is actually what’s really important so that you can fulfill and prioritise your values in the diary or timetable. Schedule everything from your personal training sessions to your work to your relaxation and family time so you can live your life according to your highest values.

Sometimes simply go out of your way to think of fun things to do because fun, laughter, smiling and great conversation part of the cycle of good health.  So enjoy your weekend, let go, loosen up and try to have a laugh.

Best regards