The importance of stretching.

A lot of people say that they stretch or that they go to yoga. I’m sure that doing those stretches are useful and beneficial, however, are all of those stretches are addressed to every individual?

Every individual has their own work routine, lifestyle, preferences. Much like training or a dietary programme, stretching should be done in a way that benefits different needs.

For example, the shoulder and hips are going to the specificity of the individual muscle, therefore, a simple stretch might not be enough.

By testing someone’s muscles in balance, strength and flexibility, we will be able to find the most suitable stretching routine, so the individual will be able to enjoy the maximum of the (healing) benefits stretching has to offer.

Correct stretching can help in so many ways. It can do the obvious part which is to lengthen areas that are too tight, but at the same time show you that the opposing muscle is too weak so it needs more strength and conditioning.

It can help improve posture and it can allow you to heal quicker and recover from your previous workout, giving you fitness gains as you can simply train more frequently than people who choose not to stretch.

It can help address issues and stop injuries from happening by simply improving the performance of the muscle. And in that light, a flexible muscle is a fast one, meaning that when your leg is light it’s more rapid, which is why football players and sprinters constantly have to address their hamstrings and boxers need flexible shoulders.

Another point of view to look at is being holistic. When certain muscles tighten up in the physical zones of the body that are caused by stress, you are mentally and physically healing your body.

You are actively calming yourself in order to feel better and improve your well-being. So, it’s not just a matter of stretching, but a matter of stretching to heal your body in the right zones to get the best possible results.
This is why in our Training Studio, we add extra importance to the stretching time, making sure that both your body and your mind are trained and equally healed.
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