Movement of the body is magical and is beyond just doing exercise.

Exercise is good it can be great when executed well and properly but movement specifically that works for your body and its mechanics is magical because it literally cracks the code of your body.

Lets imagine for a second if I am male or female and 5 foot 7 the impact of a squat on my body and its movement and execution is very different to someone who is 6 foot 5. Due to limb lengths, sports history, fitness levels and past injuries, skills and experiences.

On one hand yes I believe learning from others from coaches, to trainers to specialist and friends who are entusiasts all the way to books and magazines is great. On the other hand my firm belief is finding out what works for you and journalling it, discovering it and cracking your code.

The more and more successful I get with clients the more I realise that actually the key points that worked were 1 they made a decision  to look a certain way. 2 it was declared and that was our shared goal. 3 we made an action plan and stuck to it in terms of lifestyle, diet, rest and exercise. 4 it was journalled and accountable.

Movement when done right will affect you in strength and posture and shape, that’s the physical aspect, mentally as any osteopath will tell you when you exercise and move well in a way that moves perhaps where you are stiff and weak or inactive you will wake up, rejuvenate and heal and energise areas that make you feel like the world Is on your shoulders. I mean where did that saying come from. Someone’s neck and shoulders were so tight, they were stressed and everything was downwards and going badly. So he/she said I feel like I have the weight on my shoulders (a commonly well known area for holding tension and affecting self belief and confidence).

So lets say these areas are either weak or too tight, from my experience it will be a bit of both, varying amounts or both, we look at how to open up your shoulders with strength, flexibility, mobility, sometimes agility, speed, endurance and balance. Your body will feel much better as will your mind and even your spirit as it slows all your thoughts and worries down.

There are three types of health I have always been passionate about 1 physical health 2 mental health or power of the mind and 3 spiritual health affecting your mood and how you look at things.

Now we have linked lets say someone’s weak and tight shoulders after effective training to physical shape and well being and mentally to a more confident way rather than one of feeling anxious.

How does this link to spirituality. For me meditation is very powerful in feeling at one with yourself and linking it connecting it to the world or universe we live in.

Meditation ultimately through years of studying yoga and joining meditation groups and through self observation is simply really best done in stillness. In not actually moving or doing anything. In simply closing your eyes, sitting as still as you can and noticing what is.

So back to movement, if we have strengthened tight and weak shoulders lets say and in turn improved your posture when you sit still and upright because you are stronger, in better alignment and mobility you can sit up straighter, stronger and more upright hence increasing your self awareness your concentration and your well being.

This is the magic of movement.