Having written hundreds of training programmes for myself and my clients over the years, I’ve come to realise that the best results come from high volume sets and keeping workouts simple and restricted to just a few core moves.

For example, picking four compound exercises (moves that involve more than one joint and muscle group) and mastering them in order to achieve optimal tension in the lift delivers greater results than several singular muscle lifts.

The other thing I’ve found to be extremely effective is getting clients to focus on the speed in which they lift and lower the weight. The faster you lift, the better the results. Fast lifts activate more of the muscle fibers which have more potential to grow. As for lowering, four seconds has shown time and time again to be the perfect amount of time under tension to achieve a full stretch within the muscle as well as improving form and control.

Here’s are a few workout suggestions that may be worth a try:


  • – Squats & Dead lifts Supersetted 12–20-Rep Range x 5 Sets
  • – Bent Over Rows 12–20-Rep Range & Swiss Ball Planks with feet on the ball (60 Seconds)  x 5 Sets


  • – Shoulder Press Supersetted with Bent Over Rows 12–20-Rep Range x 5 Sets
  • – Prone Rows 12–20-Rep Range followed by 60 Seconds on the Boxing Bag  x 5 Sets

Feel free to let me know how you get on.

Happy Training,

Adam White