Lunges are awesome, they require a deep knee bend on one leg – crucial for flexibility and functional strength. They’re good for both sports or lifestyle it is you lead. The back foot is on its toes which requires balance on a single limb, so they’re very good for proprioception, balance and coordination, as well as providing strength and muscle activating benefits.

Lunges are a complex move. Even switching from one leg to the other, whether in forward lunges, waking lunges or reverse lunges, requires a switch in the activation and bracing of the hips. It requires, strength, balance and co-ordination, which in turn helps you to overcome difficult sporting or real-life physical challenges.

Aesthetically speaking lunges work the quads, glutes and hamstrings, so they make a great exercise for women who want shapely legs and guys who want to get stronger or vice versa.
You can even manipulate the movements in lateral and diagonal directions which helps so much for sports like football, rugby and squash.