Testosterone is one of the most important hormones when it comes to holding onto our youth, strength and virility. It also helps us to maintain a healthy mental state, high sex drive and a lean body composition.

From an exercise perspective, compound movements are great for stimulating the production of testosterone, which helps  strengthen the spine and improve bone density, lean muscle tissue, metabolism and re-aligning postural muscles to counteract the hours of sitting and being hunched forward at a desk.

Here’s an example workout that I give my clients to help boost their testosterone levels and reverse the aging process:

1. Back Squats – 5 Sets  for 5 Reps

2. DeadLifts – 5 Sets  for 5 Reps

Superset (One after the other) these two exercises with a planned and prepared weight with a progressive warm up.

1. Front Squats – 5 Sets  for 5 Reps

2. Wide Grip Dead Lifts – 5 Sets  for 5 Reps

Again, super sets these exercises.

PS: Testosterone is not just for men, women can also benefit from its psychological and sexual effects. Adequate levels of testosterone in women plays an important role in helping women maintain a healthy body composition late into their forties, fifties, and sixties.

Have a great workout.

Adam White