Here are the top 7 skills to look for in a trainer or in being a trainer.

1. Passion

To be a top pt we need to have a passion for changing people’s lives. Personal trainers must  look after people’s health. Health covers, by definition, the wellbeing of someone physically, mentally and socially.

We are  helping people better all three of the above with assistance and accountability, not simply information.

2. Knowledge

We need to apply our knowledge with our own experiences and the ones we have had with our clients.

3. Communication skills.

I  need to know what my client wants. Being able to help them vocalise what they want is key to massive results.

Secondly I must communicate the technique performance effectively so that my client undestands it perfectly.

Primarily we are understanding and listening to our clients so that they achieve their goals.

4. Marketing

This is essential, we must like, comment, dm, post, blog and do lives on social media and our websites. This means reaching out with care to help others with our services.

5. Leadership.

We have to lead others with a vision and lead them to where they want to go.

6. Organisation.

We have to be able to help people organise their schedules. This means helping  clients schedule their lifestyles so that they reach their goals, physically, mentally and socially.

7. Shape

We have to lead by example. Therefore, we must get in incredible shape!

Clients want to strive to thrive, and we must be the ideal.