there are so many styles and types of fitness

from training for feel good factor which you would get from running and posture

theres a skill set fitness such as a sport, dancing or martial arts where coordination, skills and the fitness that comes from performing in it lies.

theres strength training which works on, strength lol

power which comes from olympic lifting

theres a fitness that comes from flexibility and holding yourself in poses such as advanced forms and starting out at yoga

and so much more that i haven’t mentioned, the other thing to consider with each of these forms of fitness is time and how the time of each of these energy systems vary, e.g. holding in a pose for 1 minute, running for 20 minutes and doing a 1 rep max snatch all have different time under tensions as in time doing the activity and muscles and organs contracting or working on each of these

and ultimately what do i believe helps all of these, three things, strength, posture and the right nutrition for your lifestyle and goals

so to the point, whatever you do in the gym has to have purpose and the purpose ultimately is to better yourself in what you do, bodybuilding, running, dancing, olympic lifts, meditation, who you are, fulfilment, self belief, and what you have, e.g. results in shape, strength performance