No one forces you to train. No one can get you healthy but yourself. And no matter who you are or who you covert as being physically fit, if someone is fit he or she has worked hard to look that way. Whether it’s in their nutrition or the intensity of exercise they do, somewhere along that line there has to be an enjoyment that comes from the dedication. I mean, who in their right mind would sweat, scream and feel such pain if there wasn’t an ultimate enjoyment or purpose to a fulfilling workout, or if there weren’t any results to come with it?

Look for the enjoyment you get from living a healthy lifestyle, whether it’s the social aspect of seeing beautiful, fit people or a group or community you enjoy being in. Whether it’s the physical aspect of loving the way you look or feel as a result, or knowing you can make that sprint for the bus. Whatever the reason, enjoy it. Enjoy the sense of being fulfilled and inspirational to others because of your health or skill. A recent example would be Muhammad Ali who died today. We can all agree his physicality and what he stood up for touched and inspired people from all over the world. If you’re a business oriented person and love finances, money and wealth, enjoy the extra mile, the energy, the vitality, the productivity that fitness gives you to win more success and be more productive as a result of being strong and fit. If family is your thing, and you have kids or want to, enjoy inspiring your family and increasing your chances of being on earth for a longer time with the people who are special to you. If you like looking good in your social group or with peers and like the confidence of good posture and being strong and shapely, then enjoy that to. I’m deliberately being repetitive to illustrate that no matter what your values are, if you enjoy your health at the centre of all you stand for and can link them up with your health, life will be more enjoyable, powerful and fulfilling.

Training is also about you. It’s about inner journey in discovering yourself and giving yourself a deeper meaning. So take notice of what it is you gravitate towards. Is it triathlons? Marathons? Combat? Dance? Yoga? Tai chi? Swimming? Weights?

I believe that we all have a code, a print that works for us. If you search and recognise it you will lead a much happier and more fulfilling life, so find your way, and hey, if you haven’t found it come and try a few workouts here in SW1 and let me help you discover what works for you. I believe that my purpose is to show people what style of training they love and give them options until they have found their way, so if you want any coaching come over and join me and my team.