training is phases is a commitment and a focus with out being absolute, extreme and obsessive and rigid..

training allows you to focus on one thing you want to learn and benefit from and still give you the flexibility and space to play with other things..

so for 5 years i got into olympic lifting, another 5 years into body building or body composition, then a few years in yoga, you can experience a lot more with shorter phases of 8 weeks… so currently I’m interested in thai boxing, gymnastics and sprint conditioning,

now lets be serious i can’t commit to all and I’m not at olympic level, i am however in a playful lets be healthy for the long term aspect when it comes to my physicality.. so for now gymnastics is my thing, now if you want to phase and do something heres how you can do it, you just have to apply it to your goals, enjoyments and plans, for me gymnastics 3 x a week is enough for me to get at a good level in 6 months to 2 years time depending on my brain, my body and my skills, i do not however want to lose my olympic lifting and bodybuilding and thai boxing and yoga abilities so what i will do is look to put a couple and maybe all of them into a weekly schedule depending on my priorities for the week

if you want coaching and help in finding your way to feeling fantastic, looking your version of fantastic and great physicality then call me! I’m here in westminster, london in my personal training studio and can’t wait to see you.