Treat your inner athlete and train your inner athlete. What do I mean by this?

Do I mean that you have to be an athlete in a competitive sport? Well, if that’s realistic for you, please be my guest. Prove your worth and make it happen if you have the talent and the determination.

But no, what I really mean by this is that we each have our own gifts that are powerful and are our divine right. In the realms of health there are certain exercises that bring us joy, and meaning, whilst others provide confidence and bring shape. We can find our happiness from training. In terms of vocation, career or business, we have a gift and unique contribution to make too. So tune in to your talents and love and work hard for them. Show them to the world, action them and consider your weak points. In relationships, whether with family, lovers, friends or colleagues, find your way, and figure out what style works for you in getting on with others. Use what you’ve learnt as the path to guide you and know that you are holding true to yourself.

So to me the theme of finding your inner athlete is the theme of finding yourself and, like I said, it doesn’t just link to your attitude to your workout regime, it expands to your whole life in unison. It’s an attitude of finding your peace, finding your joy and working hard without any loss of your enthusiasm or spirit. For me my inner athlete is found in my team and how I gel with them, from my work with my social media guy, to my relationship with my team, my clients and you, the blog reader. Here’s me expressing my love in life, training and getting paid for what I love to do. Helping others to achieve. Finding my inner athlete is about finding and testing and working out everything from the very best nutrition to the very best shape, health, energy that I possibly can. The best way to do this is by working it out step by step and in synchronisation to my lifestyle. Finding my inner athlete is by building a great team of trainers and getting the best out of each of them and their unique gifts. Recently I’ve become interested in martial arts and have been doing Thai boxing with Reco twice a week. Kasia fixes me with remedial massage and allows me to get the best out of myself, Babs builds me up and keeps me strong and pumped, and Julien organises my nutrition like an athlete, he treats me like and athlete, kills my core, gets my mobility, athleticism and drills the hell out of my sprint and strength ability. And then I do core, karate and functional work with Chris. Yes, it’s a lot, but I love it. I’m a trainer and I love training. I get tired and sometimes it just downright kills but I always end the day proud because I’ve worked hard.

I’m writing this to you to encourage you to find your inner athlete and to get the best out of yourself in your health, your training, your relationships and your business. If you’re not, you owe it to yourself. Sometimes you’ll need help, we all do, we are all human, none of us are God, but we are all learning. There’s so much out there and I’m happy to help and so is my team, so maybe we’ll see you soon. Keep the adventure up.