im all for looking good.. its good to look good, it also feels great..

however not in the sacrifice of functionality, true strength and health… if you exercise do it to be strong, to improve your posture and to feel good.. yes some exercises are nice to look aesthetically pleasing though seriously who are we trying to impress.. we dont need massive biceps or chest to be functional, we do definitely need strong glutes and strong backs to be health, strong and physically confident so for me no programme is well rounded if it does not include back squats and deadlifts stuck in with a row… and newsflash if you get strong at these you will look strong be fuller and firm your skin up… and if your a woman dont worry about bulking up do some extra cardio and look at eating more greens and definitely not carb loading.. eat lots of protein that nourishes your muscles and make you feel full


also try chin ups and dips as they are whole body workouts as well which will also work your core a lot and require great pound for pound strength…

for a guy

make sure you warm up and get your appropriate maximum weight for each rep range

back squats x 4 sets x 4 reps

deadlift x 4 sets x 5 reps

shoulder press x 4 sets  x 6 reps

row x 4 sets x 7 reps

skullcrushers x 4 sets x 8 reps


for the ladies

5 minutes skipping

squats x 2 sets of 10reps

4 minutes running

3 sets x 8 reps of deadlifts

3 minutes of cycling

2 sets of seated rows x 10 reps

2 minutes of running

shoulder press x 2 sets of 10 reps with a proper lockout

1 minute of running

2 sets of skull crushers x 12 reps

1 minute of running

2 sets of leg raises

1 minute of running

2 sets of russian twists

1 minute of running