A lot of programmes are centred around making bigger muscles or getting onto someone else’s idea of shape rather than tuning into your body’s natural structure and potential.


Who knows your body better than you do?

If you train your body around the structure of its spine you will breathe better. You will feel more confident. You will move more athletically and you will feel and look at your best.

The bodies spine revolves around bending down and extending up. Two no-brainer movements would be inchworms and hex bar deadlifts. Inchworms will relax your spine on the forward bend and hex bar deadlifts will get you to tense your lower back and strengthen it and work your core at the same time. Then the body and spine will need side bend motions so exercises like doing uppercuts from boxing or side planks while catching something will also work. And then the spine rotates so doing roundhouse kicks or Russian twists will work the core.

Then universal postural and health and energy building exercises are one leg balances on each leg for one or two minutes. Skipping and running for 20 minutes each and mobility and stretches for tight areas like the chest, groin, glutes, hamstrings, calves, lower back, quads and arms.


I hope that helps. If not come over and do a coaching session and if it does definitely come for a coaching session so we can tailor and advanced your workout.