if you want to get bigger or if you want stronger core and want to get the best out of weight lifting and get in firmer shaper and better posture the way forward is squats and deadlifts..

i hear guys who want bigger arms and they are doing bicep curls all day with nothing to show and girls who do cardio and want a fuller butt.. and they happen when you use these two exercises

both exercises are very big lifts where you will be able to shift and lift the most amount of weight more than any other movement which means you can use these exercises for strength and for power which allows you be faster if you choose to be by putting intervals and sprints in your conditioning… maybe you want to get bigger so going heavy on these two movements allows you to lift heavier weights for more reps which helps you pump more blood and size into the muscle

they both will get your hormones and testosterone working to the max so another great reason to do them, they will keep your lower back hips and shoulders mobile and strong giving you much needed mobility too..


the first thing to consider is both movements are dangerous if you dont do them correctly so getting the technique right and knowing how to use your body and mechanics is absolutely essential to getting these right. get an awesome personal trainer to break it down and show you how to engage properly how to hold and brace your core, how to engage your feet..where to move your feet and even knees… how to hold your upper back.. because even though these are lower body exercises they involve a lot of strength from the torso and upper body to move the weight up and down.. so please come over to my studio in westminster for a personal training session in the heart of london…