I’ve noticed a lot of people who run the marathon do so unprepared, unprepared in terms of diet and understanding of nutrients and also in terms of flexibility, strength and conditioning.

I highly recommend if you do a half marathon or a marathon that you give it a good 6-9 months to prepare properly for it, as there are factors that will make it unpleasant both during the race and for years after if you fail to condition your body correctly.

From what I’ve noticed, those who train well in advance of the event always come out better, gain great experiences and conditioning from it in comparison to others I have seen hobbling out of the event and for month if not years later.

There is so much to do in order to get conditioned for a big race like this, for example 3 x a week you want to do mid to long runs, and a minimum of 1 x a week you will want to do the actual event e.g. the marathon or half marathon to keep you in condition with the weather so it doesn’t affect your health or immune system, then theres the flexibility and strength work thats required at least 2 x a week to make sure your muscles are limber, relaxed and strong because as you do the marathon each week and get faster and stronger at it, muscles will tighten, muscles may tear and the very conditioning of the event may very well cause imbalances so if your thinking of doing a marathon or are doing one come and see me so we can work on your hamstring and groin flexibility, improving your squatting technique, upping your speed work to speed your overall time up and also feel stronger doing the event.