At the end of the day, you will get the shape of your life when you change your mind and decide to do so. When you come to see me or another personal trainer it’s because you are ready to go for your goals, your shape, the energy and the looks that you desire. There’s probably sufficient emotion of you being frustrated that you decide enough is enough.

“I don’t want to feel stiff”—”I don’t want to be tired”—”I don’t want to look or feel bloated/fat/skinny/weak” or whatever it is you have decided!

And so, the decision comes. You grab a trainer, you get some trainers and start running, or you join a gym or even make your own home into a gym.

Then there is the next stage of mindset, determination and consistency. The desire to keep going without even seeing results or perhaps not noticing them. But it is likely that you are getting results you and just don’t notice them; perhaps they are not as quick in change as the effort you believe your putting in.

Personally, my job comes out of love and wisdom; the love to see people get stronger, fitter, more confident, more disciplined, present and focused; the wisdom to look at strategies and, through experience, look at clients and see what the best path or road to success is.

But at the end of the day it’s the individuals desire and consistency to see it through – these are the crucial mindset choices to get you where you want to be.