it doesn’t matter if your doing a martial arts, class, rock climbing, dancing or weight lifting, training is about presence its about mental focus and being in the zone so to speak

whats the best way of getting you present, to me i had my most present yoga workout after doing olympic lifts and power lifts, so using big compound movements from a rep range of 1-5 reps i then ran from horseferry road down to victoria street and buckinghamgate to get to my local bikram yoga studio, and found that that was my most present and engaged yoga session ever because my muscles were all primed up and ready to go and my energy systems particularly power and strength got me ready for endurance and flexibility.

so whats my point, strength and power drills can help you with integrating your body mind and breath to a very present state which elevates your activity, skill set or hobby whatever it may be superhumanly. so think about what you do in the gym to help improve the performance of what you do outside of the gym mentally and physically

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