Some of the girls do a lot of core and don’t really produce the results they want or the abs they want.

Usually at this point I’ll mention the diet needs to tighten up, meaning more protein and fats and vegetables and water and less carbohydrates or at least reduced much more than usual.

Something I’ve noticed about exercise stimulus though is that it can really help with lifestyle, energy and diet as well as feel good factor. Sometimes it’s better not to preach on about diet, unless somebody particularly wants your advice on it I tend not to give it because I’m the long term people do better when you allow healthy choices to be their own idea.


With me what I’m noticing with my female clients is let them live their lifestyles, encourage them that they are doing well and then give them big movements that will hit their arms and their core at the same time for best results-


Here are some examples

Db Squat and shoulder press

DB squat and curl and shoulder press

SINGLE leg deadlifts

Curl and press

Pullups assisted or unassisted

Also straight arm pull downs and heavy glute bridges

Prone row triceps extensions